2. CKI Talk 12/20

The great success of the 1st CKI Talk called for a 2nd Talk before Christmas, this time on the topic of IoT with the keynote speaker Dr. Thomas Scheiter, Head of Technology IoT, rounded by practical examples from Dipl.-Ing. Claudia Windisch, Digital Industry Graz.

Using the example of the human eye, Scheiter gave the participants an understanding of the complexity of Industrial IoT. His goal is that "SMART THINGS” collaborate in a self-organised way to accomplish complex and dynamic tasks.

A good example are the "flying sensors" developed by Windisch and her team. In this project sensorssystems fly over critical infrastructures in order to digitise them and use multimodal sensor analysis and machine learning to obtain a complete inspection. The researchers at TU Graz were faced with a variety of challenging tasks but were able to make decisive contributions to the success of the research project.