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16.05.2018 CKI Konferenz an der TU Graz

Unlock the potential with digitalization

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Roland Busch appointed honorary senator of Graz University of Technology

On March 15th 2018, Graz University of Technology appointed Dr. Roland Busch as honorary senator, acknowledging his personal engagement for the university and especially for the Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) that is established in Graz since 2015. In the academic ceremony Prof. Harald Kainz, Rector of TU Graz, thanked Dr. Busch for constantly promoting and developing the university over the last years.

Afterwards, Dr. Busch met some members of the “Siemens-Klasse” (see R&E Newsletters 4/17 and 1/18) and interviewed them about their research in developing rail vehicles. The PhD students were impressed by the detailed technical knowledge of a Siemens Board Member in the area of light-weight construction of bogie frames. "It was a very casual and informal atmosphere with Dr. Busch", said one student of the Siemens-Klasse after the meeting.

Picture: Imre Karacsonyi, Andreas Dutzler & Roman Weilguny (Siemens-Klasse, on the left), Harald Kainz & Roland Busch (middle), Stefan Erlach (Siemens Graz), Martin Rieger (Siemens-Klasse), Robert Steinfelder (Siemens Erlangen, on the right)

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Siemens Open Innovation Award 2016

Siemens Award winners in the category Open Innovation (Dezember 2016)

Prof. Christian Moser TU Graz, Christian Karner and Radovan Seifried (both Siemens Mobility)

Radical new approaches to the development of rolling stock are extremely rare. Siemens Mobility and Graz University of Technology have now succeeded in developing a new chassis frame that only weighs 845 kilograms instead of 1.5 metric tons – a reduction of almost 50 percent. For its achievement, the team was awarded as “Inventors of the Year 2016” in the Open Innovation category during the Siemens Innovation Day.

Picture (from left to right): Inventors of the year 2016 Radovan Seifried (Siemens Mobility), Prof. Christian Moser (TU Graz) and Christian Karner (Siemens Mobility) with laudator Natascha Eckert (Siemens University Relations)

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