Fiber Optic Sensors (FOS)

General information

  • We are using fibre optic sensors for the monitoring of civil infrastructure objects since 2001
  • So far we have embedded more than 70 km of sensing cable into different types of objects
  • We have successfully applied fibre optic sensors for the monitoring of bridges, tunnels, shafts, pipelines, ships, piles, anchors, beams etc.

Research topics

  • Development of calibration facilities
  • Sensor development
  • Long term stability investigations
  • Optimal sensor mounting
  • Modelling of sensor data
  • System identification


  • Monitoring of strain and temperature within objects
  • Crack detection and quantification
  • Localization and identification of static and dynamic impacts


  • Calibration of point sensors (SOFO sensors)
  • Calibration of quasi-distributed sensors (fiber bragg gratings, FBG)
  • Calibration of distributed strain sensors (Brillouin and Rayleigh sensors)
  • Calibration of distributed acoustic sensors (DAS)
  • more information about the calibration facility is available here

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