Workshop 2

From a metropolitan point of view, the 20th century has looked at natural and rural contexts as one and the same thing. The creation of a natural – rural utopia is seen as an idealized landscape that lacks the problems of metropolitan density. At the turn of the century urban sprawl and individual mobility has populated many of the villages with a hybrid urban population, that live in a rural context but participate in a metropolitan, sometimes even international, life style. The current pandemic and consequent global lockdown has accelerated the emerging interest in the quality of our living conditions and how teleworking and landscape is part of that. The village all of a sudden seems not too bad of an idea. In this workshop we embrace the rural context as a place for potential innovation, futureproof urban development and climate adaptation strategies. Can the village be a truly mixed urban landscape that shows us new solutions for urban rural lifestyles? What does urbanization at the village scale look like? What is the potential of mixing collective living, coworking, food production, agricultural commons, climate adaptive landscapes... at the scale of small settlements? What role can the railway play in such a village futurism?
Starting from the global development plan of Kottendorf, this workshop guided by Ward Verbakel, Adj. Prof. of urbanism at KU Leuven, and partner at plusoffice architects will guide you through the mapping of village conditions, the definition of strategic sites and the design of several village futurism protoypes to guide the urbanization of Kottendorf.

Ward Verbakel

ab Mo, 01.03.2021  09.00 Uhr

03.05.2021 - 07.05.2021, 9.00 - 18.00 Uhr