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19-06-2019: We're excited for the upcoming visit of Prof. Mark Allendorf! Don't miss his lecture "Defects in MOFs: Friend or Foe?" on Monday June 24th at 16:15hs (HS H, Kopernikusgasse 24).

07-06-2019: "Degradation of ZIF-8 in Phosphate Buffered Saline Media" is now online in CrystEngComm! Congratulations Miriam

07-06-2019: Prof. Antonio Tricoli from the Australian National University visiting our group and giving an invited lecture on "Multi-Scale Engineering of Nanoparticle Networks and Devices". Thank you Antonio!

29-03-2019: MOF‐on‐MOF: Oriented Growth of Multiple Layered Thin Films of Metal–Organic Frameworks is currently on-line in Angewandte! Congratulations Ken!

28-02-2019: 1st PhD Symposium of Porous Materials@Work! Astria, Tomas and Peter presenting their progress.

25-02-2019: Visiting Prof. Woell and Prof Redel at KIT. Francesco Carraro giving an invited seminar at KIT.

22-02-2019: Our collaborative Manuscript on "Carbohydrates@MOFs" is now on line in Material Horizons. Congratulations Astria and Martin! Link

12-01-2019: Our collaborative Manuscript on "Enhanced Activity of Enzymes Encapsulated in Hydrophilic Metal–Organic Frameworks" is now on line in JACS. Congratulations Weibin! Link


17-10-2018: Dr. Ravi Shukla from RMIT visiting our research group. Welcome Ravi!

09-10-2018: Dr. Jack Evans gives an Invited Seminar at TU Graz!

05-10-2018: Prof. Christian Doonan visiting our research group. Welcome Christian!

03-10-2018: Paolo Falcaro received the "Best Presentation Award" at AiMES2018 (Cancun) from the Electrochemical Society (ECS)

21-09-2016: Raffaele Ricco' presenting at the Advanced Materials Day 2018 - TU Graz 
05/06-09-2016: Porous Materials@Work (PMW) kickoff meeting! 
04-09-2016: Congratulations from the Editor of Chemistry of Materials as Conversion of Copper Carbonate into a Metal–Organic Framework is one of the "Most Read Paper" of the month.
04-08-2016: Paolo Falcaro giving a Keynote Lecture at 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC2018 - Sendai Japan) 
26-07-2018: Paolo Falcaro presenting as an Invited Speaker at the 12th International Conference on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE2018) (Singapore) 
25-07-2018: "Conversion of Copper Carbonate into a Metal-Organic Framework" is now on line in Chemistry of Materials! Well done Raffaele!
20-07-2018: Alessandra, congratulations for the manuscript "A MOF-based carrier for in situ dopamine delivery"! 
18-06-2018: Erika Cedillo Gonzalez @ TU Graz: Erika, welcome to our group for your research visit!
11-06-2018: Takashi Toyao @ TU Graz: Takashi, welcome to Graz!
04-06-2018: Francesco joined our group: Francesco, welcome to TU Graz!
01-06-2018: Mercedes joined our group: Mercedes, welcome to TU Graz!
09-05-2018: our collaborative paper highlighted with the Front Cover of Chemical Science
24-04-2018: Weibin Liang at TU Graz! 
28-03-2018: “Protein surface functionalisation as a general strategy for facilitating biomimetic mineralisation of ZIF-8” is the Chem.Sci. Pick of the Week  
10-03-2018: Our collaborative FET-Open project has been granted!
09-03-2018: Our collaborative Manuscript on "Protein surface functionalisation as a general strategy for facilitating biomimetic mineralisation of ZIF-8" is now on line in Chem.Sci. Link
04-02-2018: Our collaborative Manuscript on Biocompatibility characteristics of ZIF-8 & Insulin@ZIF-8 is now on line. Link
25-01-2018: Raffaele Ricco', invited presentation "Emerging Applications of Metal Organic Framework Composites" at the 42nd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (Daytona Beach - USA)
10-01-2018: Our collaborative perspective on MOFs for cell and virus biology is now online! Link 
16-01-2018: Our collaborative work on "Control of Structure Topology and Spatial Distribution of Biomacromolecules in Protein@ZIF-8 Biocomposites" is now on line. Link


28-11-2017: Paolo Falcaro awarded with the ERC Consolidator Grant. Link
24-11-2017: Dr. Kenji Okada has joined our group as Guest Researcher
17-11-2017: Prof. Masahide Takahashi has joined our group as Guest Professor.
01-11-2017: Efwita Astria has joined our group.
8,10-11-2017: TU Graz-OPU (Osaka Prefecture University) joint symposium (JSPS - FWF)
04-10-2017: The Lead Project "Porous Materials @ Work" was granted. The large consortium of researcher focusing on porous materials is headed by Paolo Falcaro with the co-coordination of Christian Slugovc and Egbert Zojer. A technological platform on Porous Materials will be established in TU Graz. Link
02-10-2017: Raffaele Ricco' was awarded with the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship!
13-09-2017: Paolo Falcaro presenting as a Key Note Speaker at the MOF Composite International Conference (Granada, Spain) 
01-09-2017: Sarah De Marchi has joined our research group.
21,28-08-2017: Paolo Falcaro Chair and Invited Speaker at the 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography 2017 (Hyderabad, India)
08-08-2017: Controlled Growth of Metal−Organic Frameworks was highlighted with the front cover of Chemistry of Materials.