Sprayed Concrete Project (SpOC) 2023

Sprayed Concrete Project (SpOC) 2023

The new 'collective research' project on sprayed concrete (TU Graz, Uni Innsbruck and ÖBV) targets the use of alternative raw materials, the improvement of the spraying technology and permanent shotcrete applications.

InSARTrac Measurements 2022

InSARTrac Measurements 2022

The hybrid 3D monitoring method InSARTrac is currently used to measure glacial retreat and surface displacements at the Mölltal Glacier. First measurements indicate a melting of approximately 1.5 cm per day (August 2022).

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To educate undergraduate and graduate students for academia and industry leadership careers in the environmental mineral-water and engineering geosciences, and to advance the current state-of-knowledge through scholarly dissemination of original research that is relevant to the needs of society.

Our Vision

The Institute of Applied Geosciences shall be a primary European institution for the pursuit and promulgation of knowledge in the fields of environmental mineral-water and engineering geosciences. Our graduates shall assume future leadership roles in professional disciplines involving the earth, its environment, and its resources.

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