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About us

The Institute of Applied Geosciences at the Graz University of Technology is led by Univ.-Prof. Scott Kieffer (Professor of Engineering Geology) together with Univ.-Prof. Martin Dietzel (Professor of Mineralogy & Hydrogeochemistry). The institute was established in 1812 with the Chair for Mineralogy (Lehrkanzel für Mineralogie), and in 1967 the Chair for Engineering Geology (Lehrkanzel für Baugeologie) was established within the Institute.

The Institute of Applied Geosciences pursues scholarly research activities in the fields of Engineering Geology, Mineralogy, and Hydrogeochemistry, and is involved in a number of study programs, most notably in the Geosciences and Civil Engineering. The Institute has a broad spectrum of advanced laboratory facilities for non-routine contract services and for supporting research and teaching activities.