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Abgeschlossene Forschungsprojekte

INNOV-VENTILATOR - Development and production of an innovative simple, portable and safe ventilator
CSA - Cell-Signaling-Analyzer
TRL-Imaging - Next Generation Fluorescence Imaging
QnHT 3.0 - Qualification Network Human Technology 3.0 - Medical Product Development Cycle and Value Chain
Medical Decision Support System for Smart Infusion Therapy
STEP - Conceptual design of a validation environment for the standardized examination of defibrillator pads
Cardiovascular Engineering
HerzMobil III
Vestibular Anatomy Modeling and Electrode Design
RITA - Risiko des Herzkammerflimmerns bei TASER-Anwendung
EPROS Germany
Evolution of Health Care Systems
EPROS Austria - Investigation of Sleep disorders around RF transmitters
EMIS - Electric and magnetic fields of power transmission lines and intracorporal current densities - Felder u Stromdichten b HspL.
EBEG - Exposition assessment of electromagnetic fields from electric devices used in everyday life
EXIMA - Exposures to inhomogeneous electric and magnetic fields
EU - EMF-NET - Europaen Action EMF-NET: Effects of the Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: From Science to Public Health and Safer Workplace
European Project EIS-EMF: European System on Electromagnetic Fields
EPROS (Electrosensitives Protected Sleep) - A Feasibility On-Site Study on Potential Sleep Impairment by EMF Transmitters
COST 244, 281 - Potential Health Implications from Mobile Communication Systems
Interaction of Chemical and Physical Factors (Manganese and Magnetic Fields) with the Brain
Perception Thresholds in Persons with Hypersensitivity to Electricity, Symptoms Attributed to VDU Work and Healthy Controls
Health Risks Assessment Related to Occupational and Environmental Exposure to RF- and Microwave Electromagnetic Fields
Medical Device Safety

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