Autonome Sensorknoten

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Cabling is an omnipresent issue for any instumentation. In applications like distributed sensing, cabling can become a limiting factor. Also central DAQ systems only have a certain number of measurement channels, which limits the number of sensors to be connected. In applications like condition monitoring on power lines, cabling is not even a feasible option.

Figure 1: Wireless sensor node developed by EMT.

The I&M group has a research record on autonomous wireless sensor nodes. Small energy autarc sensor nodes perform specific measurements, provide the analog to digital conversion an transmit the data to receiver station via an RF link. To increase the operational performance the sensor nodes maintain low power electronics and dedicated low power RF links.

Beside project specific tailored solutions for wireless sensor solutions, EMT also contributes at the EU project Dependable Wireless Sensor Nodes (DEWI). Figure 1 depicts a wireless sensor node developed by EMT. The sensor node has already been used in long term tests in automotive testbed environments.

Find more information about DEWI on the webpage

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