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Since 2010 I have been working at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualisation at the Faculty for Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering of TU Graz. First, as a Research Associate, then as a Marie-Curie Fellow, now as an Assistant Professor. I have a mathematical and engineering background, and today my research interests lie in the areas Computer Aided Geometric Design, Geometry Processing and Isogeometric Simulation and Analysis. I am particularly interested in improving the creation of high-level 3D geometric models.

The years prior to my employment at TU Graz I have lived and worked in England. My former places of work and study include the Graphics and Interaction group at the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, the Centre for Radiation at Birmingham University, and the Simulation Science Centre at DeMontfort University, all situated in the United Kingdom. Today I focused my research on defining a combined approach to modelling and analysis, which will ensure the merging of functionality and aesthetics in product design, an ever growing concern in today's industry. 

Current Lectures

Computer Aided Geometric Design, Fundamentals of Geometry Processing 

Previous Lectures 

Simulation & Animation, Selected Topics Computer GraphicsFoundations of Computer Science


If there is no title behind the name, the thesis has not been completed yet. All students have been co-supervised by Andreas Riffnaller-Schiefer. 

  • PhD Students:  

    • Andreas Riffnaller-Schiefer  

  • Master Students :  

    • 2018 Simon Kloiber (Creating subdivision meshes from scan data), Lucas Oberlercher, 
    • 2017 Amir Dini, Philip Lawatsch, 
    • 2016 Nguyen Huu Thuong (Double insertion, nonuniform, stationary subdivision surfaces and improving curvature behavior around an extraordinary vertex).  

  • Bakk Students: 

    • 2018 Christian Wieser, Robert Reichel, Rene Fleiß, Sandra Hoffmann (Design and Development of an Augmented Reality
      based Interior Design Application), Lucchas Skreinig (Development of 3D Modeling Software in Unity3D for use in Virtual Reality Environment), 
    • 2017 Felix Warmer (Creating a Texture Atlas from an arbitrary Texture set), Amir Dini (Visual FACTS, a graphical user interface with parameterizable visualization of behavioural view), Florian Komposch (Physical Modelling Tool for Autodesk Maya 2016), Andrea Kogler (Optimierung von Phython Programmen für numerische Berechnungen), 
    • 2016 Lucas Oberlercher (Extending the PCCM algorithm to bi-cubic non-uniform subdivision), Pascal Stadlbauer (An Editor for Procedural City Modeling), Lucas Gregori (Procedural modeling of cities)

Overview of my Research

3D Modelling and Processing

Simulation and Analysis

Research Projects

  • Supervisor with the Joint PhD Degree Programme between Graz University of Technology and Nanyang Technological University, topic: Geometry Processing (2016 - current)
  • FWF Project - SubConMesh (principal investigator, 07/2014 - 12/2017)
  • FFG Project SigmaCAD - (principal investigator, 04/2014 - 05/2015)
  • FFG Project ProForma - (principal investigator, 08/2014 - 09/2015)
  • EU Marie-Curie Fellowship - SIGMACADE (03/2011 - 06/2014)


  • Ass. Professor at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization, Graz University of Technology, Austria (07/2014 - today)
  • Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization, Graz University of Technology, Austria (03/2011 - 06/2014)
  • Research Associate Graphics and Computational Geometry, Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualisation, Graz University of Technology, Austria (03/2010 - 02/2011)
  • Research Associate Graphics and Computational Geometry, Graphics & Interaction Group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK (05/2004 - 02/2010)
  • Research Fellow, Medical Imaging, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Birmingham University, UK (06/2001 - 01/2003) 
  • Lecturer (p/t) in Graphical User Interface Design, Computer Science and Engineering Department, DeMontfort University of Leicester, UK (10/1998 - 07/


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Simulation Sciences, De Montfort University of Leicester, UK (11/1997 - 01/2001)  Thesis title: Sonoluminescence and Non-Spherical Bubble Dynamics
  • Master of Science in Information Engineering in Signal and Image Processing Techniques, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, De Montfort University of Leicester, UK (10/1996 - 10/1997) 
  • Bachelor in Mathematics and Information Technology, Berlin University of Technology, Germany (10/1991 - 09/1996) 
Ursula Augsdörfer
Ass.Prof. M.Sc. PhD

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