Computer Aided Geometric Design


Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) is a branch of computational geometry that studies methods and algorithms for the mathematical description of shape. 3D models are central in many applied fields from animation film and TV to more practical areas such as engineering, architecture and medical image processing.


This lecture is a comprehensive introduction to the techniques needed to derive 3D models. The aim is to give a theoretical understanding of these techniques together with programming expertise required to implement them.


Lecture slides and accompanying videos will be provided via the teaching centre and/or local webservers. Students need to check email for updates and additional information. 


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  • Curves and Surfaces for CAGD: a practical guide, by Gerald E. Farin
  • Translated: Kurven und Flächen im Computer Aided Geometric Design. Eine praktische Einführung, von Gerald E. Farin
  • Handbook of Computer Aided Geometric Design, by Gerald E. Farin, Josef Hoschek


For questions concerning this course in 2022/2023, please send an email to 

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