Master Chemical Engineering

The Institute of Bioproducts and Paper Technology is in charge of the branch of studies ´Biomaterials and Fibre Technology´within the Master in Chemical Engineering at Graz University of Technology. The education covers the field of biorefinery and biomaterials (with a focus on lignocellulosic biorefinery) and the field of pulp and paper technology. Besides this branch of studies a large number of elective courses with a focus in this field is offered by the institute and/or external lecturers. Aside the Technical University in Darmstadt and the University of Applied Sciences Munich it is the only academic education in the field of pulp and paper within the german speaking countries.

With the Master in Chemical Engineering being a rather small program in terms of student numbers and the branch Biomaterials and Fibre Technology being the smaller one of two the support of our students is very direct and students freqently take part in research activities throughout their education. The strong interrelation with industrial partners in research brings students into close contact with potential employers and most students already have picked a job offer when graduating.

Curriculum Master Chemical Engineering