Working Groups

Paper Products- and Process Analysis

The group is focussing on two fields of work. First we are performing research projects on paper characterization and understanding its behavior during production, printing, converting and end use. Emphasis is on mechanical behavior of fibers and paper as well as paper-liquid interaction. Development and evaluation of methods to chartacterize paper and fibers are a key competence of the workgrouop. The other field of work is analysis and simulation of the production process. Often improvement of certain paper properties or cost savings are the final aim of our projects. Key methods in our work are statistical data analysis and computer simulations in combination with state of the art measurement techniques. The majority of research is conducted in coopertation with industrial partners located in central and western Europe. Our projects are carried out with co-funding from EU Horizon 2020, Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft, FFG and FWF. Contact: Ulrich Hirn

Pulp, Paper and Fibre Physics

Chemistry and Technology of Biobased Materials

Topics of interest comprise fundamental underlying aspects in the course of cellulose processing as well as the interaction of lignocellulosic substrates with other materials. In more applied studies we aim at exploiting this basic knowledge to create advanced materials potentially applicable in sensor design, electrochemical storage systems or smart devices. For both approaches, state of the art analytical techniques are employed comprising surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, as well as high end scattering techniques (SAXS, WAXS, XRR).

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