Publications 2017

Book Chapter
Stefan Spirk Polyhydroxyalkanoates-A Prospective Food Packaging Material: Overview of the State of the Art, Recent Developments and PotentialsBiopackaging317-347
Cellulose Materials Doctoral Students Conference 2017
Journal Article
Stefan Spirk Nonspecific protein adsorption on cationically modified Lyocell fibers monitored by zeta potential measurements Carbohydrate Polymers 164, 49-56, 2017
Stefan Spirk Interaction of tissue engineering substrates with serum proteins and its influence on human primary endothelial cells Biomacromolecules 18, 413-421, 2017
Stefan Spirk On the formation of Bi2S3-cellulose nanocomposite films from bismuth xanthates and trimethylsilyl-cellulose Carbohydrate Polymers 164, 294-300, 2017
Stefan Spirk Biobased Cellulosic-CuInS2 nanocomposites for optoelectronic applications ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5, 3115–3122, 2017
Wolfgang Bauer European cooperation for higher education in the field of biorefineries Biobased Future 7, 15, 2017
Wolfgang Bauer Two new Master Programs in the Field of the Biobased Industries EPNOE Newsletter 37, 8-8, 2017
Wolfgang Bauer and Rene Eckhart A novel approach to determining the contribution of the fiber and fines fraction to the water retention value (WRV) of chemical and mechanical pulps Cellulose 24, 3029-3036, 2017
Wolfgang Bauer and Stefan Spirk Pulp Fines—Characterization, Sheet Formation, and Comparison to Microfibrillated Cellulose Polymers 9, 2017
Wolfgang Bauer and Rene Eckhart Cationization of Lignocellulose as a Means to Enhance Paper Strength Properties BioResources 12, 9338-9347, 2017
Wolfgang Bauer and Rene Eckhart Improved microscopy method for morphological characterisation of pulp fines Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 32, 244-252, 2017
Stefan Spirk How Bound and Free Fatty Acids in Cellulose Films Impact Nonspecific Protein Adsorption Biomacromolecules 2017, 2017
Conference/Workshop Article
Wolfgang Bauer Biopolymers Barrier Coatings for Paper-based Food Packaging MaterialsMatbim
Wolfgang Bauer Fractionation of Fibre Pulp in a Hydrodynamic Fractionation DeviceProceedings of the 16th Fundamental Research Symposium "Advances in Pulp and Paper Research"209-228
Silver Nanowires: A Versatile Tool for Conductive PaperAdvances in Pulp and Paper Research723-737
Ulrich Hirn Investigating the transversal viscoelastic properties of paper fibers by atomic force microscopyThe issues in mechanics of pulp and paper materials74-79
Ulrich Hirn Fiber-Fiber Bond Formation and Failure: Mechanisms and Analytical TechniquesAdvances in pulp and paper research, Oxford 2017839 - 863
Wolfgang Bauer and Rene Eckhart Characterization of fines quality and their independent effect on sheet propertiesADVANCES IN PULP AND PAPER RESEARCH, OXFORD 2017299-322
Ulrich Hirn Determination of Repulpability of Talc-Filled Biopolymer Dispersion Coatings and Optimization of Repulped Reject for Improved Material Efficiency by Tailoring CoatingsTappi PaperCon 2017 Proceedings36-48
Ulrich Hirn and Jussi Antero Lahti LINKING PAPER STRUCTURE TO LOCAL DISTRIBUTION OF DEFORMATION AND DAMAGE Advances in pulp and paper research, Oxford 2017: 16th Fundamental Research Symposium, Oxford669-682
Ulrich Hirn and Wolfgang Bauer A memory effect in sheet-fed offset printingPaper Conference and Trade Show, PaperCon 2017: Renew, Rethink, Redefine the Future1098
Wolfgang Bauer Development and performance of enzymatically modified lignosulfonates as coating bindersPaper Conference and Trade Show, PaperCon 2017986-994
Wolfgang Bauer Measuring the oil and grease barrier properties of MFC coated paper using ultrasonic signal variationTAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials 2017702-717
Werner Schlemmer Renewable support for the detection of high-value compounds produced by microorganisms
Daniel Mandlez Fraktionierte Mahlung zur Optimierung der Papiereigenschaften und des Energieverbrauches
Tristan Seidlhofer Material Model for Anisotropic Viscoelasticity at Finite Deformations Applied to Pulp Fibres
Long and short term measurements of printed uncoated fine paper using a high speed inkjet testing setup
Other Article
Stefan Spirk Extrinsic MRI Contrast Agents Based on Nuclear Quadrupole Enhanced Relaxation: Principle, Requirements and Characterization of Promising Compounds
Ulrich Hirn Failure mechanism for pulp inter-fibre joints
Wolfgang Bauer and Rene Eckhart Pulp Fractionation via Controlled Flocculation in a Hydrodynamic Fractionation Device
Monitoring of Chemical Processes throughout Interaction of Coniferyl Aldehyde with Thermoanaerobacter mathranii by Liquid-State 1H NMR Spectroscopy
Stefan Spirk Phase Separated Bicomponent Biopolymer Thin Films - Enzymatic Patterning and Protein Interaction
Stefan Spirk Biopolymer Blend Thin Films - Phase Separation and Protein Interaction
Stefan Spirk Enzymatic Patterning of Phase Separated Bicomponent Biopolymer Thin Films
Stefan Spirk Viscose based cellulose thin films, a new model system for studying cellulose surface interactions
Indacenodithiophene-Based Small Molecule Acceptor Breaking the 10% Efficiency Barrier in Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells
Stefan Spirk Coating of cellulose fibres with inorganic nanoparticles in the course of the Viscose process
Stefan Spirk Viscose based cellulose thin films, synthesis and properties
Ulrich Hirn Using atomic force microscopy to investigate the transversal viscoelastic properties of paper fibers
Ulrich Hirn and Jussi Antero Lahti Linking paper structure to damage distribution and fracture initiation
Stefan Spirk and Werner Schlemmer Cold Plasma and Femtosecond Laser Treatment for the Modification of Cellulose based Thin Films
Ulrich Hirn Liquid penetraion into porous media
Ulrich Hirn Measuring ink spreading and penetration for high speed inkjet printing