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BPTI Research Seminars

Bi-weekly we are conducting research seminars where PhD students as well as senior researchers from TU Graz and external organisations are sharing and  discussing their research. The meetings are taking place at the BPTI social room. Here is the list of upcoming and past events:

  • 2022-December 22nd, 9h30 BPTI Researchers
    Paper Recycling: Research Brainstorming,
  • 2022-November 24th, 9h30 Bernd Oberdorfer, Strahlenmesstechnik, TU Graz
    Possibilities and limits of X-ray computed tomography
  • 2022-November 10th, 9h30 Caterina Czibula, BPTI, TU Graz
    Exploring Brillouin Light Scattering for Lignocellulosic Fibers
  • 2022-October 13th, 9h30 Kai Schulze / Thomas Steiner, BEST Bioenergy and Sustainable Technolgies
    CFD-modeling and simulation activities at BEST
  • 2022-September-15th, 9h30 Rosario Othen., Inst. Textile Technology, RWTH Aachen
    Nonwovens & Paper – Key Plattfom Technologies for Bio-Economy
  • 2022-July-14th, 9h30 Marlene Anzengruber, BPTI, TU Graz
    Polymerization of Ionic Liquids
  • 2022-June-30th, 8h30 Gil Garnier, Monash University, Australia
    Research in Cellulosic Materials
  • 2022-April-7th, 8h30 Marcella Frauscher / Andreas Nevosad, AC2T
    AC2T - Austrian Competence Center of Tribology
  • 2022-March-24th, 8h30 Julian Selinger, TU Graz / Aalto Univ.
    Growth of bacterial cellulose on waste substrates
  • 2022-February-10th, 8h30 Wolfgang Bauer / Martin Nagl, BPTI, TU Graz
    Application of enzymes in refining
  • 2022-January-13th, 8h30 Alexander Maaß, BPTI, TU Graz
    Dynamic curl measurement of A4 sheets
  • 2021-December-16th, 8h30 Alexander Wagner, BPTI, TU Graz
    Magnesium as alkali source in oxygen delignification
  • 2021-December-2nd, 8h30 Thomas Harter, BPTI, TU Graz
    Determination of stored mechanical energy in viscose fibre tampons using IR thermography
  • 2021-November-18th, 8h30 Carina Waldner, BPTI, TU Graz
    Impact of paper and liquid properties on liquid penetration
  • 2021-October 21st, 8h30 Jürgen Reitbauer, BPTI, TU Graz
    Structural properties of tissue paper
  • 2021-October 7th, 8h30 Chiara Czibula, BPTI, TU Graz
    Fines reduction and its influence on bleaching
  • 2021-September-23rd, 8h30 Eduardo Machado-Charry, Inst. Solid Stat Physics, TU Graz
    Graz µ-CT consortium: Latest news and perspectives
    ATTENTION: we meet at lecture hall i8, Inffeldgasse 13.
  • 2021-August-12th, 8h30 Anna Mayrhofer, BPTI, TU Graz
    Impact of Refining and Sizing on Liquid penetration for High Speed Inkjet Paper
  • 2021-July-29th, 8h30 Lukas Pachernegg, BPTI, TU Graz
    Copolymerized ionic liquid membranes for redox flow batteries
  • 2021-July-15th, 8h30 Patrick Petschacher, BPTI, TU Graz
    Optical properties of cellulose nancrystals
  • 2021-July-1st, 8h30 Teresa Jagiello, BPTI, TU Graz
    The influence of unoxidized and oxidized fitrate on oxygen delignification of pulp
  • 2021-June-17th, 8h30 Marko Zizek, BPTI, TU Graz
    The loading rate dependency of pulp fiber E-modulus