Relevant Conferences

4th International EPNOE Junior scientist meeting 15-16th of September in Kortrijk. More information:

IPZ Research Seminars

Bi-weekly we are conducting research seminars where PhD students as well as senior researchers from TU Graz and external organisations are sharing and  discussing their research. The events are held at the IPZ social room. Here is the list of upcoming and past events:

  • 2020-May-21th 8h30 Claudia Steiner, BPTI, TU Graz
    Vanillin for redox flow battery applications
  • 2020-Apr-23th 8h30 Rudof Kniely, BPTI, TU Graz
    Lignin based coatings on fiber materials
  • 2020-Mar-26th 8h30 Tristan Seidlhofer, BPTI, TU Graz
    Viscoelastic material models for paper and fibers
  • 2020-Mar-12th 8h30 Martina Angermann, BPTI, TU Graz
    Biobased Supercapacitors from IonCell Fibers
  • 2020-Feb-27th 8h30 Jakob Pusterhofer, BPTI, TU Graz
    Conversion of Lignins into Battery Electrolytes
  • 2020-Feb-13th 8h30 Marko Zizek, BPTI, TU Graz
    Single fiber tensile testing with DMA
  • 2020-Jan-30th 8h30 Felix Hajek, BPTI, TU Graz
    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Paper
  • 2020-Jan-30th 8h30 Philipp Wulz, BPTI, TU Graz
    Gas Phase hydrophobization of Paper
  • 2020-Jan-16th 8h30 Herman Wijshoff, TU Eindhoven
    Fundamental Fluid Dynamic Challenges in Inkjet Printing
  • 2019-Dec-19th 8h30 Monica Simoes, IPZ, TU Graz
    Using FRET Microscopy to evaluate the molecular contact area and adhesion
  • 2019-Dec-5th 8h30 Martin Gabriel, IPZ, TU Graz
    Jet-Cooking of cationic starches and its conseqeunces on rheologic properties
  • 2019-Nov-21th 8h30 Julian Selinger, IPZ, TU Graz
    Waste chicken feathers as raw material for carbon fibers
  • 2019-Nov-7th 8h30 Daniel Mandlez, IPZ, TU Graz
    Industrial scale pressure screen separation of fines
  • 2019-Oct-10th 9h00 Eero Kontturi, Aalto University
    Interfacial approach to cellulosic materials
  • 2019-June-28th 10h00 Alistair King, University of Helsinki
    Development of ionic liquids for cellulose dissolution
  • 2019-June-27th 8h30 Michael Hummel, University of Helsinki
    Ioncell Technology - Sustainable Fibers
  • 2019-June-13th 8h30 Andrea Walzl and Erich Leitner, TU Graz
    The Institute of Analyitcal Chemistry and Food Chemistry
  • 2019-May-16th 8h30 Thomas Bretterklieber, TU Graz
    The Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing
  • 2019-May-2nd 8h30 Mathais Hobisch, TU Graz
    Localisation of fines in paper sheets
  • 2019-April-4h 8h30 Florian Gomernik, TU Graz
    Rheology of cationic starch, a comparison between industrial and lab cooking
  • 2019-Mar-21st 8h30 Thomas Harter, TU Graz
    Influence of different pulps on wet wipe dispersability
  • 2019-Mar-7th 8h30 Georg Urstöger, TU Graz
    Fiber structure in drying sheets
  • 2019-Feb-7th 8h30 Roman Poschner, TU Graz
    Influence of pitch on paper properties
  • 2019-Jan-10th 8h30 Claudia Gutschi, TU Graz
    Glue penetration during paper sack production
  • 2018-Dec-13th 8h30 Werner Schlemmer, TU Graz
    Vanillin: a starting material for energy storage applications?
  • 2018-Nov-29th 8h30 Rupert Kargl, Maribor University
    Equipment, expertise and research at the LCPP
    (Laboratory for Characterization and Processing of Polymers)
  • 2018-Nov-15th 8h30 Tristan Seidlhofer, TU Graz
    Material Model for Pulp Fibers
  • 2018-Oct-18th 8h30 Stefanie Müller, TU Graz
    Characterization and structuration of lignin and lignin-derivative thin films
  • 2018-Oct-4th 8h30 Georg Urstöger, TU Graz
    Developement of paper mechanical properties during drying
  • 2018-June-14th 8h30 Caterina Czibula, MU Leoben
    Swelling of Cellulose
  • 2018-June-7 8h30, Pilar Vilaro, University Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 2018-May-3rd 8h30 Gundula Teichert, TU Graz
    Microphase Separation of Cellulose Derivatives
  • 2018-Apr-19th 8h30 Samir Kopacic, TU Graz
    Biopolymers Barrier Coatings for Paper-based Food Packaging Materials
  • 2018-Mar-22nd 8h30 - Daniel Mandlez, TU Graz
    Fines separation using a pressure screen, Vol 2
  • 2018-Mar-8th 8h30 Soft Matter Lab Tour, Meeting Point Stremayrgasse 9
  • 2018-Feb-8th 8h30 - Michi Weißl, TU Graz
    Cellulose Thin Films from Cellulose Xanthate - Preparation, Characterization and Applications
  • 2018-Jan-25th 8h30, Miltscho Andreev, TU Graz
    FRET Microscopy
  • 2018-Jan-11th 8h30, Michael Richter, TU Graz
    Effect of papermaking variables of HSI paper curl
  • 2017-Dec-14, 16h00, Werner Schlemmer, TU Graz,
    Lignin in Redox Flow Batteries
  • 2017-Nov-16, 16h00 Justin O. Zoppe
    Adolph Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg
    Polysaccharide nanocrystals: colloidal building blocks for bottom-up engineering
    of complex structures
  • 2017-Nov-02, 16h00. Thomas Harter, TU Graz,
    Paper Curl: Fiber orientation and dried in stresses
  • 2017-Oct-19, 16h00 Barbora Benetkova
    Univ. Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
    Research on Preservation and Restauration of Books and Documents
  • 2017-Oct-05, 9h30. Julie Bossu, TU Graz
    Characterization and Swelling of Tropical Wood Fibers

The Proceedings of the 2017 Cellulose Doctoral Students Conference are available for download here.