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26th ACM International Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2022)
September 12-16, 2022

The Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) is a premier forum where researchers, practitioners, and educators can present and discuss the most recent ideas, trends, experiences, and challenges in the area of software and system product lines engineering.

Academic Advising for incoming students

We offer a special academic advising unit, given by Christian Gütl (CS studies) and Gerhard Sommer (BME). They will explain how things work in our department, and offer to discuss your personal learning agreement in order to achieve all scheduled ECTS credits.

Date, Place:
Academic Adving CS: September 23rd, 14:00; HS i12
Academic Advising BME: September 26th, 14:00; HS BMT (Stremayrgasse 16, EG)

Your Future in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering
September 30, 2022 | 16:00 | online

There will be an Online Info Session for potential Master’s Students at TU Graz on September 30. More information will follow.

Faculty News

Site Channel Security: Now also on edX.org

As already reported, a team around Daniel Gruss has launched a sitcom on side channel attacks, in which physical effects allow inferences to be made about protected data. Now there is also an online course on edX.org.

OpenWebSearch.EU: New EU-project to initiate an open European infrastructure in web search

The OpenWebSearch.EU project, which is now being funded to the tune of 8.5 million euros as part of the EU’s Horizon Europe funding programme, is intended to contribute to the noble goals of a digitally sovereign Europe and an open, fair search engine market. The project is coordinated around 14 European research and computing centres by the University of Passau; TU Graz is centrally involved with Christian Gütl and Alexander Nussbaumer from our Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science.

Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award 2022: Christian Daye

Christian Daye from our Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science has received the Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award 2022 of the American Sociological Association (ASA), section History of Sociology and Social Thought. Without doubt, the ASA is most influential disciplinary organization in sociology worldwide. In its justificatory remarks, the award committee emphasized that the book provided a pathbreaking analysis of the interplay between expertise, scientific foresight, and technology in times of crises.

Jobs, Grants, Open Calls



Academic Staff



Tenure Track Professor of Mixed Reality at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision
Apply until September 11th, 2022


University assistant at the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (7160/22/003)
Apply until September 16th, 2022

Postdoc position at the Intelligent Energy Systems Lab at Institute of Software Technology
Apply now!


General Staff


Software Engineer Database and Storage Systems at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
Apply now!

Private Cloud Engineer - Perfomance & Chaos Testing at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
Aplly now!



Grants, Open Calls


TU Graz: 1st Competitive Call for Teaching and Research Infrastracture
The aim of the calls is to strengthen both research and teaching. In both calls, preference is given to infrastructure used by several institutes. Up to 50 % of the costs of newly acquired infrastructure can be funded in the call for research infrastructure, with a maximum cap of 250,000 €. Applications for research infrastructure with less than 50,000 € total cost are not eligible. In the call for teaching infrastructure, 80 % of the costs of newly acquired infrastructure or comparable funds can be funded, with self-financing of 20 % of the costs provided.
Deadline: 19.09.2022

OECD: International Events Sponsorship Campaign 2023
One focus of this OECD program is the financial support of international events (conferences, congresses, workshops, symposia, seminars, etc.). An application can be submitted for a hybrid, virtual or face-to-face event. Interested scientists and institutions can apply now at the OECD.
It is strongly recommended to contact the responsible member of the Scientific Advisory Body directly before submitting the application.
Deadline: 10.09.2022

AK Steiermark: Förderungen für Digitalisierung Projekfonds Arbeit 4.0 (in German)
Each project has the opportunity to receive up to 200,000 euros in funding. An external advisory board evaluates the submitted projects. Projects can be submitted at any time. The focus this time is on the area of continuing education.
Deadline: 31.10.2022

Doctoral Examinations

Info: Candidates can take the final examination (presentation and oral exam) online via video conference call (e.g. Webex) if all parties involved agree. The requirement of publicity can be ensured as follows: Candidates may distribute the meeting link; requests to participate in the video exam can also be sent by e-mail to the chairperson of the exam commission.


Andreas Ziegl:
Internet of Things based functional health assessments in a telehealth context

September 02nd, 10:00 | BMT03094

Milot Gashi:
Taking a Multi-Component Perspective to provide Decision Support for Predictive Maintenance

September 13th, 15:00 | PZ2EG034

Andreas Abraham:
Qualified Self-Sovereign Identity: Addressing the gaps between Self-Sovereign Identity and traditional Identity Systems

September 15th, 09:00 | IFEG042


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