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Digital Talk: Talk to us!
February 1st, 2022 | 14:30-16:30

You will learn more about the “Handlungsfeld (HF) Forschung and Digitale Lehre”. In HF Forschung, the TU Graz Repository is at the center of attention, how research data is made accessible according to the "FAIR principles", HF Digitale Lehre invites you to a joint exchange on the two topics "One year iMooX" - about the development of the Austria-wide MOOC platforms and how these can be used for teachers and students at TU Graz and the new master's course "Computational Social Systems", where experts learn to derive valuable knowledge from acquired data and how to handle it responsibly. Take the opportunity and "Talk to us": Register via Mail or here (only employees).


Colloquium for our Tenure Track Professorship in Security & Privacy
February 7th - 11th, 2022
It is a pleasure to invite you to the colloquium for our Tenure Track Professorship in Security & Privacy at Graz University of Technology. The public part will be a short educational presentation in at Bachelor‘s level 3rd year on topic Digital Signatures and Applications, a scientific talk, and a discussion with the audience. See here for detailed information.


Internationals: TU Graz online quiz about Austria
February 10th, 2022 | 17:30

How much do you actually know about Austria? Probably, this quiz is also interesting for some locals.
Register here.


Software Carpentries @ TU Graz
Feburary 16th - 17th, 2022

TU Graz (RDM Team) is hosting a Software Carpentry workshop for researches and research support staff.
The Carpentries is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. They teach skills that are immediately useful for researchers, using lessons and datasets that allow researchers to quickly apply what they have learned to their own work. I am really excited about using the Software Carpentry curriculum here to help our graduate students, researchers and support staff become more efficient in their research.

Academic Advising CSBME for new incoming students
February 17th, 2022 | 14:00

We offer a special academic advising unit, given by Christian Gütl (CS studies) and Gerhard Sommer (BME). They will explain how things work in our department, and offer to discuss your personal learning agreement in order to achieve all scheduled ECTS credits.
Please note also all other events for new incoming students.


Faculty News

FWF approved: "SPyCoDe"

The special research area "SPyCoDe" aims to create tools for companies to build complex systems that are secure by design and protect privacy due to their components. This research is a cross-cutting computer science topic that combines breakthrough findings in logic, system security, and cryptography. In the "SPyCoDe"-team are also names from our department: Roderick Bloem, Maria Eichlseder, Daniel Gruss, Stefan Mangard.


Special "selected topic" for master study programs in the next semester

In the coming summer semester, a prominent guest, Prof. Friedemann Mattern from ETH Zurich, will visit us and also hold a lecture on the history, causes and effects of digitalization. "The dawn of the digital age" is a voyage to the past where the history of computing and communication technologies will be discussed.


Gernot Müller-Putz has his personal YouTube Channel!

Our Vice-Dean and Head of the Institute of Neural Engineering started his own Channel on YouTube.
If you are interested in research areas such as Brain-Computer Interfaces (basic understanding of brain function, signal recording, signal processing, applications), BCI controlled neuroprostheses, communication in patients with disorders of consciousness or human motor and somatosensory system, the channel is exactly what you are looking for.
Subscribe now!

Jobs, Grants, Open Calls


Academic Staff

University assistant with doctorate at the Institute of Biomedical Imaging (7170/21/006)
Application deadline: January 26th, 2022

University Assistant at the Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications (7050/21/013)
Application deadline: February 06th, 2022

General Staff

Private Cloud Engineer: "Performance & Chaos Testing", at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
Application deadline: February 09th, 2022

Software Engineer: "Database and Storage Systems", at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
Application deadline: February 09th, 2022


HCI-/ Usability-/ UX-Engineer: Future Mobility at TH Ingolstadt
University assistant: Driving simulator and VR programming at TH Ingoldstadt
University assistant at the research area Biomechanics at TU Wien
Senior Scientist at the research area Computational Biomechanics at TU Wien


Grants, Open Calls


2nd call for joint online course
TU Graz is launching a 2nd call for Joint Online Courses to foster teaching cooperation with international partner universities. We are looking for high-quality teaching concepts promoting intercultural learning by connecting students from different universities. To develop such a course together with a partner university, TU Graz funds up to three projects with € 15,000 each.
Apply until April 15th, 2022.

Strategic partnership funs TU Graz - TU Darmstadt
Are you planning a cooperation with colleagues at TU Darmstadt? There is seed money available for initiating new research and/or teaching collaborations. The funds are specifically aiming at supporting junior researchers and lecturers to start a cooperation with our partner university.
Apply until March 31st, 2022


Amgen Scholars Programme 2022
ETH Zurich offers 15 - 25 scholarships for a summer research stay within the Amgen Scholars Programme. The programme applies to students studying for a Bachelor’s degree at a European university.The ten-week programme covers nine weeks of intensive research in a state-of-the art laboratory in Zurich or Basel. Working as part of a research team, you will have the opportunity to interact with leading scientists and doctoral students. A closing highlight of the programme is the joint symposium for all European Amgen Scholars in Cambridge, UK.
Please find further details on the ETH Zurich Website.
Apply until February 1st, 2022.

Student Summer Research Fellowship 2022
The program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain their first research experience in an area of their choice. The fellowship provided by the Computer Science Department of ETH Zurich takes place during two summer months (July 01 - August 31) and is open to all students worldwide. Application starts by beginning of November.
Further information on the 2022 programme, application and the admission criteria can be found here.

EU: First Calls under Digital Europe Programme launched
The Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), with a total budget of €7.59 billion, will help European society and businesses make the most of the digital transformation. It will be implemented mainly through coordinated and strategic co-investment with Member States in the areas of high-performance computing and data processing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, and advanced digital skills in the private and public sectors.
Contact person at the TU Graz: Gerald Pichler
Deadline: 22.02.2022

EU: Horizon Europe Cluster 4 "Digital, Industry & Space": New Calls for Proposals open
Innovative materials, climate-friendly production processes and technologies, Copernicus, "Digital Age" or quantum technology are just some of the almost 80 topics for which projects can currently be submitted in Cluster 4. Attention: Please note the different submission deadlines for the individual topics.
Contact person at the TU Graz: Gerald Pichler

Doctoral Examinations

Info: Candidates can take the final examination (presentation and oral exam) online via video conference call (e.g. Webex) if all parties involved agree. The requirement of publicity can be ensured as follows: Candidates may distribute the meeting link; requests to participate in the video exam can also be sent by e-mail to the chairperson of the exam commission.


Thomas Bohnstingl
Enhancing neural network capabilities through biological inspiration and neuromorphic hardware

January 26th, 13:30 | webex

Maximilian Toller
Mature Algorithms for Time Series Data Mining and Anomaly Detection

tba | webex

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