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Open Lecture #12. Georgios Cherouvim: "From VFX to Experimental Animation and Generative Design"

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Dienstag, 12. September 2017 | 18:00 Uhr
IAM Media Lab | Kronesgasse 5/III | 8010 Graz

Computer animation and visual effects have seen a tremendous development over the past decades in a constant pursuit of recreating reality. The lecture will look into some of the processes borrowed from VFX and evolved into a series of experimental projects in computer animation and programming, based around procedural animation, growth algorithms and other bottom up behavioral systems, that best exemplify how a small set of rules can scale up and create complex forms and behaviors. This reappropriation of sophisticated tools and technology towards experimentation outside the realm of photo-realism, attempts to explore new visual territories and embrace the nature of the medium rather than disguise it.

Georgios Cherouvim is a computer animator and visual effect artist based in New York. He obtained his BA from the National Center for Computer Animation in the UK in 2005. Since his graduation he has been working for post production studios in London, Vancouver and NY as an Effects Technical Director on high profile feature films, commercials and VR experiences, including Harry Potter 5, X-Men 3 and Man Of Steel. Outside VFX in his own practice Georgios keeps experimenting with the same tools looking for new applications and new ground for visual exploration. He has participated in several group exhibitions, while holding his first solo exhibition in Athens in 2014. Over the years, his short animated films have been screened in dozens of festivals around the world, including Siggraph, Ars Electronica, OneDotZero and ArtFutura.