THERMEC 2016/Conference Information/Student Grant/Housing

Student Grant/Housing

The THERMEC'2016 Committee intends to offer 30 to 40 student grants to male and female students. Conditions to apply for student  grant can be obtained from Prof. T. Chandra ( only after December 7, 2015. Students applying for a grant must submit abstract and register by due date before applying for a grant. Please note that only registered students (those who have paid THERMEC student registration fee by January 26, 2016, due date) will be considered for THERMEC student grant by the student grant chair Prof. T. Chandra.

Student Housing in Graz

The THERMEC Committee has acquired limited rooms both single bed or double bed rooms in Graz at special room rate  exclusively for students participating at THERMEC2016. The student housing may be booked for students and their spouses which will be allotted on the first come first serve basis by contacting Prof. T. Chandra ( only after the student has registered and paid fee before January 26, 2016. Student must register and pay fee before January 26, 2016, before he/she can request for the student accommodation. Please DO NOT contact Prof. Chandra if you have not registered and paid fee.
*After Prof. Chandra receives email request from you for the housing and if it is still available in that case Prof. Chandra will contact you via email only within 72 hours of your email request. **Prof. Chandra will email you details and instruct you to pay the entire amount of your accommodation (see cost below). The amount of accommodation must be sent ONLY by the International Electronic Bank Transfer method in to THERMEC Conference account. You cannot pay student accommodation by credit card or to hotel. ***DO NOT PAY HOTEL FOR YOUR STUDENT ACCOMMODATION - THERMEC COMMITTEE will pay the hotel in advance for your accommodation.

Booking conditions

Student housing can be reserved and booked for minimum 5 nights accommodation: The dates for student housing are: May 29: Check in and June 3: Check out


  • 300 Euro for 5 nights accommodation for single bed (female or male).
  • For 2 persons only couple (husband and wife double bed in room) it is 400 Euro.
Any extra night stay before or after THERMEC2016 can be requested and if available  it will cost 60 Euro for single occupancy  and 80 Euro for couple (two persons). Entire accommodation cost must be paid in advance by International Bank Transfer and it is non refundable. **** Prof. Chandra will send you the details of hotel in Graz (not far from Convention Center) where  student housing will be booked for you by the THERMEC Committee after receiving full amount from you.
Once all student accommodation is committed, the THERMEC website will have message saying “STUDENT HOUSING FULL”. IMPORTANT: You CANNOT cancel the student accommodation once you have booked and paid for it in advance. LIMITED student housing is available so it is given on first come first serve basis.

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