Vienna Airport Shuttle to Graz

Vienna International Airport to Graz: 3 Options 

There are the following 3 options for you to reach Graz from the Vienna International Airport:

Option 1: Most convenient and time saving and economical

THERMEC Shuttle Bus: Vienna International Airport to Graz will operate ONLY on Sunday, May 29, 2016, at the following timings only: It is coordinated by the THERMEC Organizing Committee and Graz Tourism: SHUTTLE BUS DEPARTURE TIMES:
  • 11.30 am
  • 2.30 pm (14.30 hrs)  
  • 4.30 pm (16.30 hrs) and
  • 7.30 pm (19.30 hrs)
Cost per person: 50 euro SHUTTLE BUS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016. In our opinion Shuttle Bus option is the cost effective and easiest option to come to Graz from the Vienna International Airport. We strongly suggest that you reach Graz by May 29th so that you could pre-register on May 29th, 2016, between 4 pm to 7pm and collect conference papers from the conference registration desk located at the Graz Messe (Convention Center). Conditions to book & pay for Shuttle bus: *You must pre-book and preferably pay for this bus shuttle with your conference registration fee either online payment by credit card or by bank transfer. **Last date to pay for Shuttle online with credit card is April 20, 2016. Once paid, it is non-refundable. ***After you have paid for shuttle, send email to and copy to informing us the time out of 3 above timings of bus you will take to come to Graz. Inform us via email at latest by April 20, 2016, which bus (three timings given above) you would take to Graz. This is important. Your name will be on the list of that bus timing which you will choose. Once you have choosen the bus timings please stick to it because if we have no room on next bus you will miss out hence try not to change the bus timing once confirmed with you by April 20, 2016. The Shuttle Bus Driver will have list of passenger names on each bus to cross check before allowing boarding. We will not reply about shuttle matters before April 20, 2016.

Option 2: By Train to Graz

Trains from BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnof depart to Graz at regular interval ( Between Vienna International Airport and BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnof operate busses.

Option 3: By air to Graz from Vienna Airport

Austrian airlines has the maximum number of flights each day to Graz besides Lufthansa and other airlines. BRITISH AIRWAYS: British Airways is the official Conference Airline one of the fine airlines in the world. BA has most convenient large number of  flight schedules from various countries especially from Japan, Korea, India, Australia, USA, Canada, PR China and many Europeans destinations. See website for details. BA offers special fares (from 5% to up to 15% discount on best airfare depending on the time of booking) to THERMEC2016 delegates to come to Vienna via London. Please book your flight online early to receive special discounted fare. Go to link and book your flight earlier please. The special 5% discount on fare offer using this link is valid till May 25, 2016

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