The following minisymposia will take place in the frame of the IGTE symposium: 

  • From Micro- to Macroscopic Hysteresis Modeling (MS 1), chaired by Dieter Süss and Klaus Roppert

    Navigating the intricate landscape of ferromagnetic material modeling, particularly incorporating dissipative phenomena like hysteresis and possible couplings to other physical fields, stands as a formidable challenge in electromagnetic material modeling. This topic is further complicated by the imperative to integrate application-relevant data, such as material microstructure and texture, into electromagnetic material models—a pursuit demanding sophisticated approaches ranging from micromagnetics over mesoscopic-, multiscale approaches to macroscopic material models.

    This minisymposium aims to bring together experts from various fields—material science, engineering, material physics, micromagnetics, and more—who are all engaged in the modeling of ferromagnetic materials. Our goal is to facilitate an open exchange of ideas, concepts, and results among interdisciplinary researchers, driving progress in the understanding and application of ferromagnetic material modeling.

  • Numerical Methods in EMI/EMC and Applications (MS 2), chaired by Jan Hansen and Thomas Bauernfeind

    The numerical modeling of problems in electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) remains, despite tremendous progress in the last two decades, a challenging task. Typical examples are the analysis of subtle coupling paths or the prediction of emitted noise from high-voltage/high current electronic systems in the high-frequency and dBµV range.

    In this minisymposium, presenters discuss the state-of-the art of numerical modeling of the EMI/EMI of industrial or close-to-industry electronic systems, as well as open problems that still need to be solved. We like to bring together researchers from electromagnetic theory and well as people with industrial background to jointly discuss present-day problems and potential solutions.

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