Low-speed aerodynamic wind-tunnel

The low-speed aerodynamic wind-tunnel is of the Prandtl or Göttingen type with closed return. This tunnel is intended for automotive aerodynamics and general purpose applications like studying the aerodynamics of buildings in regions of nearly constant velocity or the aerodynamics of skiers. Due to special requirements the return section had to be divided into three identical parts with a 50 kW powered axial fan in each string. The entire construction is of a composite nature consisting of steel profiles and wooden walls with carefully smoothed surfaces. The tunnel has a rectangular cross-section. The tunnel can be operated with four different nozzles, of which the standard nozzle has an outlet cross-section of 2m x 1,46m which permits wind speeds up to 45 m/s. The settling chamber preceding the nozzle is equipped with four screens to provide uniform flow with a low turbulence level. The test section may be run as a free jet, or as open jet with a bottom plate and fully closed.

Test section

Shematic details

The Austrian national ski-jumping team during performance tests

Basic investigations of simple geometries - rectangular flat plate

Further application in alpine racing sports

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