Shortly finished, ongoing and open master theses can be found at the notice directly in front of the institute. If you are interested in a Master Thesis, please use the consultation-hour.

Finished Master Theses


  • BRODACZ Marlene:  Long-distance trips in Austria – Comparison of anonymized floating phone data and a mobility survey

  • GLIGORIC Tamara: Comparison of cycling indicators in medium sized cities

  • HANZEL Georg: Assessment of driving behaviour at different levels of automatization based on a driving simulator

  • LAMMER Florian: Spatial analysis of work and shopping trips in Austria

  • LATIC Azra: Evaluation of Public Transport Accessibility by spatial indicators - an example from Southern Styria

  • WIMMERSBERGER Michael: Impact of automated vehicles on guideline for road


  • BRENNER Hannes: Tourbased demand modelling of commercial vehicles in urban areas

  • FINK Martin: Correlation Analysis between Noise and Traffic Data on Arterials

  • RUZICKA Jakob: Development of Urban Sprawl and Mobility in Graz  

  • SCHÜTTENKOPF Ingo: Macroscopic capacity analysis of automated vehicles

  • UNTERSTEINER Daniel: Road design software VESTRA and Austrian guidelines for at-grade junctions
  • ZIEGERHOFER Stefan: Shifting travelling demand by bicycle highways - a case study in Graz


  • GRITSCH Stefan: Potential analysis of alternative means of transport focusing on an urban cable car for the city of Graz

  • KOSS Janina: Urban coach terminals with respect to national bus networks

  • FLITSCH Christina Johanna: GIS-based determination of regional specific mobility patterns using the example of the province of upper Austria


  • HOFER Karl: Travel demand modeling of touristic trips in the province of Salzburg

  • IBLER Alexandra: Analysis of road safety at interchanges using microsimulation of traffic and SSAM

  • LEPKA Elisabeth: Modeling and analyzing capacity of autonomous vehicles in mixed transportation networks


  • HUBER Georg: Measurement of road construction projects on the basis of road network effects

  • IORDANOVA Denitza: Simulation of noise emission as function of traffic flow and the outcome of comparison between calculated and measured noise emission

  • KRAMER Andreas: Analysis of Urban Traffic Flow based on GPS data      

  • VOGEL Julia: Cell phone data as expansion of the data basis for traffic modelling


  • BRANDSTÄTTER Michael: Traffic data estimation methods for major road network based on cellular network data  

  • GMOSER Christoph: Measure-sensitive multimodal travel demand model for St. Pölten

  • GRIESBERGER Markus: Feasibility study to establish a city logistic system based on e-mobility

  • HAFELLNER Johann: Stagnation in the Planning Process, Using the Example of Ennstalroad B320    

  • HEBENSTREIT Cornelia: Conception and application of mVMS on high-ranking streets

  • HOFER Georg: Traffic enquiry through Bluetooth acquisition on the public transport network of Graz Linien

  • HÖFLER Stephan: Timetable coordination of long-distance and regional trains at interchanges- case study of Graz main station

  • KÖHLER Bjarne: Road-Pricing based on External Costs  

  • KROPFITSCH Bernhard: Microsimulation of traffic flows on routes interweaving

  • NINDL Erwin: Traffic Flow Reconstruction on Motorways by Data Fusion


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