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VeGIS – Tool for the connectivity between traffic models and geographical information systems Keywords: geographical information systems, road-maps, transport models, transport planning Due to lacking resources current traffic development plans and associated traffic models are not maintained at the required level, but updated occasionally at best. In the project VeGIS concepts and technical solutions for data synchronization between traffic models and geographic information systems are developed. Based on the graph integration platform (GIP) and traffic development plans the parameters of traffic models are identified that are relevant for GIP users. Conversely the data of the GIP are examined that would disburden a continuous maintenance of traffic development plans. Based on heuristics to net matching a bi-directional data exchange will be created that permits a bilateral illustration of two traffic networks having different net granularities. Test routines will be specified to examine consistent and routing able traffic networks for one or several transport modes (pedestrian, cyclist, passenger car, truck). Depending on problem are different levels of net granularities (precision of illustration, net profundity) required for one traffic model. In externals of an investigation area complex junctions like roundabouts or grade separated junctions are often reduced to simple isolated junctions. On the other hand high precisions in the primary investigation area are not included in current GIP data bases. For this purpose, the design of a multilevel net topology coordinated with the planning task and the geographical location is essential, whereas, at the same time a burden on the basic data of GIP should be avoided. Furthermore, a method is designed facilitating the illustration of net efficiencies and planning scenarios as not yet realized measures within GIP, in order to provide typical GIP users with planning data too. Duration: March 2010 – September 2012  

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