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ITS Testbed. - Test Environment Telematics Austria for Sensory Analysis, Traffic Information and Traffic Control Keywords: Traffic Telematics, ITS The study Test Environment Telematics Austria for Sensory Analysis Traffic Information and Traffic Control examines the prerequisites, requirements, possibilities and organization of testbed. for traffic technologies in Austria. The study results will serve as well-founded basis for decisions on the possible implementation of future national testbed. All key operators of telematic applications in Eastern Austria are contributing to the study. In addition, the Austrian Research and Test-Centre Arsenal, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Institute for Transportation Planning and Road Engineering of Graz University of Technology are involved as know-how providers. With DLR, ASFINAG and ÖBB (Austrian National Railways), the consortium has three partners operating telematic testbed. Arsenal research is involved by virtue of its know-how as accredited audit agency in the relevant technical fields. The Austrian Traffic Telematic Cluster (ATTC) serves as a bridge to the provider interests and perspectives. In order to implement the studies procession methodology in a professional manner with the many partners, the Rosinak and Partner firm is contributing its experience in process facilitation and taking on the content-based and organizational rollout of cooperative planning processes. The Rosinak und Partner firm is also in charge of the text editing. As theme for the testbed, the value-added chain of traffic information and traffic control using the elements of sensory analysis, data interfaces, services and control processes will be examined in detail in the course of the study. Thanks to its concise design, the study will be implemented in half a year. The broad participation of stakeholders promises not only valid study results but also that the study results will be taken up and applied in the subsequent implementation phases. As additional effect, awareness for an Austrian testbed. for traffic telematics is to be created.   Duration: January 2009 – July 2009  

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