Autonoumous Drving - impact analysis on transportation, energy and urban environment of the Vienna region 

The aim of the project auto.WAVES is a simulation-based approach and analysis of the effects of different scenarios of large autonomous vehicle fleets interacting with public transport in the Vienna area. However, traditional models do not provide an adequate basis for mapping highly nonlinear relationships and the expected massive behavioral changes. Therefore, a multimodal agent based simulation environment from the previous MatchMobile and MatchSim projects is used and developed precisely for autonomous driving: Demand data from mobile data are integrated to improve the behavior of the agent population and the supply side further development for the simulation of large autonomous vehicle fleets within the overall transport system. Based on various development scenarios for autonomous driving, the effects in the areas of traffic, energy and urban planning can then be simulated and evaluated. To this end, the goals, scenarios and evaluation criteria are first developed as part of an accompanying stakeholder process, and finally, on the basis of the project results, concrete recommendations for action are developed for Wiener Linien, Wiener Lokalbahnen  and the city of Vienna.