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The Institute deals with all aspects of road transport (individual and public transport). In applied research our priorities are: transport planning, traffic engineering and road transport environmental impacts. We are involved in these areas in national and European research projects. Since Transportation in principle is an interdisciplinary science, intensive contacts with statisticians, computer scientists, geographers and economists are cultivated. In teaching beyond also basics of road design, road construction and road maintenance are striped.

Teaching: In teaching all areas of road and transport are covered at the Institute, from design of roads, over the operation, to road maintenance. Opportunities to influence mobility behavior and planning of road networks, taking environmental and road safety into account, are taught in transport planning. In addition, also spatial planning measures and aspects are taught. Moreover, in special lectures, measures for traffic control in urban areas as well as out of town are treated.

Transport Planning: In this field, the Institute has numerous completed and ongoing research projects, mostly dealing with model-based descriptions of traffic behaviour. The GIS-based modelling of transport networks of all transport (non-motorized/motorized private as well as public passenger and freight) is a main focus of the Institute. Since models of transport planning consider more and more dynamic aspects (traffic signals, highway control, collective and individual guidance…) fundamentals of traffic management will be explored at the Institute.

Traffic Management: For this area, we have a measuring trailer equipped with cameras for automatic video image analysis and automatic number plate recognition. With that mobile equipment, traffic condition is analysed based onto parameters such as traffic density, load and speed. The measured traffic states are extrapolated based on computerized simulation models of future traffic situations.

Transport-related environmental effects: This is another research theme we focus on. Particularly we focus on road traffic noise. In a specially designed psychoacoustics laboratory, the effect of noise on people is examined. Again, the institute has extensive experience to perform measurements. Certainly also the contact to numerous other universities, research institutions and industry (national and international) is maintained.

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