Several research awards for Dr. Matthias Wolf

Assistant professor Dr. Matthias Wolf focuses in his research activities for the IIM on changes in the labor force potential caused by demographic change. Within the scope of his dissertation titled "Counteracting demographic challenges in industrial blue collar work" he developed a generic concept for enabling older employees by considering the dimensions of technology, organization and people. The dissertation was a continuation of his diploma thesis, which resulted in a cooperation with Johannes Keppler University and the three-year FFG-funded project "EnableMe 50+".

In February 2022, he received the Josef Krainer Award from Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer for his doctoral thesis. Likewise, he was awarded the VBW prize for outstanding dissertations. A few months earlier, his research with exoskeletons was awarded with a prize of Forum Technik und Gesellschaft.

In late 2020, Matthias Wolf was honoured with "Mind the Gap" Award of TU Graz. This award rewards projects on gender and diversity aspects such as age, gender or origin.
His conference article "Current and future industrial Challenges: Demographic Change and Measures for elderly Workers in Industry 4.0" for the "International Conference Management of Technology" in Dubrovnik was also awarded.