Conference on Learning Factories 2020 ONLINE

What are the latest developments in the field of learning factories? How can the Internet of Things and Mixed Reality be usefully applied in production environments? These questions were discussed at the Conference on Learning Factories (CLF) - organized by the IIM Institute.

A learning factory, as it is operated at IIM in the form of the LEAD Factory, is a learning environment in which processes and technologies are based on real industrial production processes, which allows direct access to the product creation process for teaching. Since 2011, the international CLF has been held annually and is the most important event in the field of learning factories.

10th Conference on Learning Factories

The 10th CLF was organized by the IIM and took place from the 16th to the 17th of April 2020. The CLF marks the first international, academic conference organized by the IIM. However, due to the Covid-19 situation the conference had to be held virtually. More than 160 people from 28 different countries, including Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Thailand or Greece, attended the conference.

The conference was introduced by the General Assembly of the International Association on Learning Factories (IALF). The IALF is a group of research institutions that operate learning factories. The association's goal is to promote cooperation among its members to achieve excellence in teaching and research in the field of manufacturing engineering and production management through learning factories.

On the first official conference day, the CLF was opened by the Vice Rector for Research of TU Graz Univ-.Prof. Dr. Horst Bischof, who gave a very interesting overview on the history and latest insights of TU Graz. Moreover, Conference Chair Univ-.Prof. Dr. Christian Ramsauer talked about the developments of the conference on learning factories and the about the program of the upcoming two conference days.

90 Paper Presentations

During the CLF 90 papers were presented. The topics of the presentations were mainly related to the topics Mixed Reality, interdisciplinary learning and the Internet of Things in learning factories. The IIM staff also presented the latest research results regarding the LEAD Factory. Among other topics, they dealt with the development of a tear down lab, an augmented reality application and energy monitoring. For the first time poster sessions were held at the CLF, during which mainly learning factory concepts were presented. The participants' contributions were published in a special volume of Procedia Manufacturing of Elsevier and are freely accessible via Science Direct. According to the positive feedback of the participants, the conference was a great success despite the unusual circumstances.

Call For Abstracts - CLF 2021

We are pleased to be able to organize the 11th Conference on Learning Factories 2021 physically in Graz and have already planned exciting workshops and an entertaining framework programme. The Call for Abstract is already open. We are looking forward to your submissions via the ConfTool.


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