IIM Alumni Platform

The Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management (formerly the Institute of Industrial Management and Innovation Research - IBL) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. During these 50 years, more than 615 students have successfully completed their studies at the institute. We would like to connect our alumnis in a joint alumni network.

A network that connects

Among these 615 students, 537 have significantly contributed to the development of the institute in the context of their diploma or master´s thesis and 78 students within their time as PhD. During they have worked at the institute, students have also made close friendships with each other. However, individual professional careers often lead to a geographical separation after graduation, making it difficult to maintain contact. The already large and constantly growing number of students who have completed their diploma, master´s studies or PhD at the IIM/IBL offers a great opportunity to connect alumni with each other in order not to lose contact and to enable to take advantage for individual career opportunities. According to the motto "A network that connects" the IIM institute is building an internal alumni platform exclusively for students who have completed their diploma, master's degree or PhD at IIM/IBL.

Get in touch

Alumnis can create an individual profile on this platform. In addition to general contact information, the personal professional career can also be published. Using a search template, other alumni can be searched and contacted specifically by using selected filters such as "current employer" or "current location of work".

Get the latest news, find and post jobs and events

On the new alumni platform not only current news of the institute are published, but also events - such as the 50th anniversary celebration of the IIM. With an integrated job platform, both alumni and companies are given the opportunity to publish jobs on the platform specifically for alumnis who want to further develop professionally.

The alumni platform is expected to be published in August 2020. If you are an alumni of the IIM/IBL institute and we have your contacts, the institute will inform you soon. If you do not receive a notification but are still one of the alumni, please contact us at the following email address: iim.alumni@tugraz.at.


IIM Alumni Team
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