• 01.03.2016 - Version 3.0 available on all platforms introducing a beginner mode
  • 15.10.2014 - Android version in Google Play Store released
  • 31.08.2014 - Windows Phone version in Windows App Store released
  • 05.11.2013 - Version 1.3 with new examples released in iTunes Store
  • 19.06.2012 - Schnittkraftmeister now supports the Apple iPad
  • 18.06.2012 - Version 1.2 released in iTunes Store
  • 02.04.2012 - Bachelor-thesis about the iOS-app development online.


  • Designed for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Serious Learning-Game for engineers and students in mechanical and civil engineering
  • Game Center enabled


  • 2nd most popular free app at the Austriann App Store
  • More than 1500 downloads per day


Today buildings, structures and machines are nearly always designed by computers using internal force diagrams. One of the skills required by an engineer is to verify the results of an analysis and to spot internal force diagrams that can not be right. This is why the "Schnittkraftmeister" was conceived: Students get an idea of the internal force diagram by playful learning.

Given is a structure under a static external load. Three different solutions for internal force diagram are shown whereas only one can be correct. The faster the correct answer is chosen the more points are accrued. Be careful, by choosing a wrong solution the game is over and all points for the current level are lost!

This serious game is for persons, who have a basic knowledge in structural analysis and of external and internal forces in structures. More information can be found here:


Idea and Concept: Jürgen Zechner & Martin Ebner
Programming: Christoph Aldrian & Aladin Mikara
Design: Aladin Mikara & Daniela Schitter


  • Schnittkraftmeister fact-sheet (PDF)
  • Zechner, J.; Ebner, M. (2011): Playing a Game in Civil Engineering, 14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2011)
  • Ebner, M.; Holzinger, A. (2007): Successful Implementation of User-Centered Game Based Learning in Higher Education: An Example from Civil Engineering, Computers & Education 3/49