Master Theses and Master Projects

The Institute of Structural Analysis offers a variety of interesting Master projects and theses. A selection of topics can be found here. However, alternative suggestions are always welcome.

Applied simulations

  • Arcs and shells
  • Biomechanics
  • Interaction of a train with a bridge
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Incompressible fluids and free surface flows
  • Topology and shape optimization
  • Crack growth in complex structures

Implementions in the context of simulations

  • Nonlinear material models: plasticity and viscosity
  • Finite strain theory (large deformations)
  • Time-dependent simulations in structural dynamics
  • Implementation of mesh generators
  • Adaptivity in the FEM
  • Iterative solvers
  • Implementation of hierarchic elements
  • Advanced methods for enforcing boundary conditions
  • High performance computing
  • Implementation of a compressible flow solver

Development of smartphone apps and GUIs

  • Improvement of the Schnittkraftmeister
  • Development of a truss app
  • Development of an app for general beam structures
  • Matlab-GUIs for mesh generation and visualization

Literature reviews

  • Historical and graphical methods in structural analysis
  • Locking in the FEM
  • Topology and shape optimization in the context of additive manufacturing

Support in research activities

  • Innovative simulation methods such as isogeometric analysis, eXtended finite element method (XFEM), fictitious domain method, higher-order FEM, boundary element method etc.
  • Applications in fracture mechanics, biomechanics and fluid-structure interaction
  • PDEs on curved surfaces with applications in fluids and structures
  • Experimental work in cooperation with the Laboratory for Structural Engineering