Software at the Institute of Structural Analysis

The institute has a focus on simulations methods for challenging applications in solid and fluid mechanics. These methods are inseperably linked to the use of modern computers. The institute develops several software tools that are used in teaching as well as in research. Some of these tools are free for download, others are commercially available.

Software for teaching

  • RuckZuck - Professional Analysis of beam structures and trusses with GUI
  • Schnittkraftmeister - App for understanding internal forces (N, V, M) in beam structures
  • isaBeam - Analysis of beam structures in Matlab®
  • isaDiff - Finite Difference Method in Matlab®
  • isaElem - Finite Element Method in Matlab®
  • isaBEM - Boundary element method in Matlab®

Software for research

  • isaXFEM - Extended finite element method (XFEM) in Matlab®
  • isaIGA - Isogeometric Analysis in Matlab®
  • isaNumInt - Numerical integration in XFEM und fictitious domain methods
  • BEFE++ - Boundary element method in C++ with GUI