Behavior of wind turbines with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) in the event of short circuits and other grid faults

Figure: Typical curve of the short-circuit current of a wind turbine with double-fed generator.

Due to their technical complexity, wind turbines with double-feed induction generators (DFIG) represent a special challenge in computational modeling, since they are subject to both the physics of the rotating electrical machine and the behavior of the converter, which is significantly influenced by open- and closed-loop control. This article describes the behavior of the current technology of DFIG in case of short-circuits and other network faults, explains the state of the art in the short-circuit standard, which is important for plant design, and presents a new proposal for the simulation of the HPP with DFIG in this standard. Furthermore, special requirements for grid protection are discussed.

The paper was published in the journal e & i in a cooperation of IEAN with em.Prof. Bernd Oswald and Prof. Jens Fortmann of HTU Berlin.


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