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Our research areas comprise: Biomedical Devices and Sensors, Medical Device Testing, Certification and Safety, Biomedical Modeling & Simulation, Cellular electrophysiology and Bioinformatics


Welcome to the Institute of Health Care Engineering with
European Testing Center of Medical Devices

The Institute of Health Care Engineering focuses on the development, evaluation and validation of new point-of-care and sensor technologies as well as the analysis, modeling and simulation of biophysical and biomedical processes with the aim of establishing new technical approaches to support diagnosis and therapy. Methodological, technical, operational, organizational, economic and quality assuring aspects of intra- and extramural health care with particular emphasis on patient safety complements the research and teaching profile of the institute. The expertise in the field of testing and approval of medical devices acquired through the Working Group Testing Center for Medical Devices (PMG) is a valuable input for the training of excellent biomedical engineering graduates for industry and research. In addition, the institute's close cooperation in R & D with innovative business partners ensures that the latest technology is available, making it possible to keep biomedical engineering training and research up to date and to make students familiar with the problems in the market at an early stage.
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