Research topics

  • Numerical simulation of wave propagation phenomena (Poroelastic Boundary Element Methods BEM, Iterative/Mortar coupling FEM/BEM, Infinite poroelastic FEM) ⇒ BEM Gallery

  • Material modelling (Granular materials, Geo-synthetics, Auxetic material behaviour, Homogenisation)

  • Dynamics and optimisation (Minimisation of friction losses (ViF), multibody dynamics)

In the following main research projects are listed. As numerical methods the Finite Element Method and the Boundary Element Method are used in the research activity. The numerics of time-dependent Boundary Element Methods (Galerkin-method, effective coupling, ...) are studied and improved for the process of wave propagation.

Research projects

  • Fast Boundary Element Method for wave propagation in time domain (FWF P-22510)
  • Fast Time Domain Boundary Element Formulation for Partially Saturated Porous Media (FWF P-24800)
  • Fast Time Domain Boundary Element Formulation for Uncoupled Thermoelasticity (FWF P-25557)
  • Acoustical behavior of poroelastic shells
  • Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of granular materials based on a continuum description