Rules for online exams

  • Please make sure that you have a stable video connection during the whole exam.
  • The assingment sheets for the exam can be downloaded in the corresponding TeachCenter Exam course:
  • The Webex-meeting will start 10 minutes earlier so that everyone can test sound and video connection.
  • Prepare everything you need on your desk, i.e. pen and paper. Any other resources, e.g. lecture  notes, ..., are not allowed.
  • During the exam you should position your camera such that your desk with the exam and also your face and your hands are in sight (See the example picture below!). Each person should only use one camera.
  • Only handwritten answers are allowed. Please scan your written answers at the end of the exam and uplaod them via TeachCenter Exam. All exams which are uploaded more than 10 minutes after the end of the exam or are not uploaded at all will be graded negative.
  • For scanning your notes via smartphone, the app CamScanner is quite useful.
  • You have 120 minutes to solve all given problems.
  • In the case that your connection to the Webex meeting is lost, pleas dial in again immediately. If your connection breaks down for more than 2 minutes your exam is stopped, i.e. you can not continue afterwards.
  • Detailed informations and the link to the Webex-meeting will be sent to all participants the day before the exam.
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