Dates for thesis presentations

During the semester, presentations of bachelor theses, master theses, and dissertations take place every month.

Guidelines for the duration of the presentation:

  • Bachelor thesis: 15 minutes
  • Seminar project: 20 minutes
  • Master thesis (intermediate presentation): 15 minutes
  • Master thesis (final presentation): 25 minutes

Please register at Mrs. Paulitsch or Mrs.Doczy, at the latest one week before the day of the presentation. The presentations take place in the seminar room of the institute (room INK1063 in the basement of Inffeldgasse 21/B).

Next appointments:

17.09.2024, 10:00  -  FULL

Master thesis

"Modelling and Control of a Renewable Redox Flow Battery"

"Modelling and Control for a Modular Active Front End Converter"

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