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03/26/2024 |

Reduced Siderite Ore Combined with Magnesium Oxide as Support Material for Ni-Based Catalysts; An Experimental Study on CO2 Methanation

Kamonrat Suksumrit, Christoph A. Hauzenberger, Srett Santitharangkun and Susanne Lux

Ni-based catalysts play a fundamental role in catalytic CO2 methanation. In this study, the possibility of using siderite ore as a catalyst or catalytic support material for nickel-based catalysts was investigated, aiming at the exploitation of an abundant natural resource. The catalytic performance of Ni-based catalysts with reduced siderite ore as a support was evaluated and compared to MgO as a support material. MgO is known as an effective support material, as it provides access to bifunctional catalysts because of its basicity and high CO2 adsorption capacity. It was shown that undoped and Ni-doped reduced siderite ore have comparable catalytic activity for CO2 hydrogenation (20−23%) at 648 K, but show limited selectivity toward methane (< 20% for sideritereduced and 60.2% for Ni/sideritereduced). When MgO was added to the support material (Ni/sideritereduced/MgO), both the CO2 conversion and the selectivity toward methane increased significantly. CO2 conversions were close to the thermodynamic equilibrium, and methane selectivities of ≥ 99% were achieved.

Catalysts 2024, 14(3), 206

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