Research Design Seminare


Conference Poster and Paper: Creating and Writing in Academic English (Dr. Sara Crockett)


How to be Effective in Answering to Reviewers (Prof. Radu Godina)

Systematic Planning and Realization of Dissertation Projects (Dr. Manuel Woschank)

Contemporary Empirical Research Methods: An Overview (Dr. Klaas Stek)

How to write a Conference Paper: A Basic Guide (Dr. Sara Crockett)


Action Research: An Introduction (Dr. Marco Formentini)

Advanced Statistical Modeling​​​​​​​ (Dr. Manuel Woschank)

European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Central and Eastern European Research Network Workshop

Workshop on Novel Research Methods (Dr. Klaas Stek)


Applied Econometrics: Overview and Key Concepts (Prof. Dr. Timotej Jagric)

How to prepare Posters and Conference Papers (Dr. Sara Crockett)

Workshop on Research methods with focus on Sustainability (Prof. Dr. Karen Allacker)


Risiko in Technik und technischem Handeln: Vulnerabilität und Resilienz (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Banse)

How to perform a Systematic Literature Review (Dr. Marcella Saade)


Idee – Entwurf – Gestaltung: Der (schwierige) Weg zum (technisch) Neuen (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Banse)


Method Workshop on Corporate Finance and Governance (Prof. Dr. Rezaul Kabir)

Designing and Conceptualizing Experiments in Management Research (Dr. Niels Pulles)

Good Quality Research and the Task of Scientific Writing (Kenneth B. Young)


Designing Empirical Research and Telling its Story (Dr. Joseph Waddington)

A Seminar on academic Research Skills for Post- Graduates, Researchers and Professors (Prof. Dr. Steve Quarrie)