The concept of this research project is to expand the possibilities of solar houses in densified urban areas and thus to establish utilisable solar energy potentials for the sustainable heat supply of residential buildings. Aim of the research is to develop prototypical building systems to extend the current model of single solar-powered homes to include multi-storey buildings and even residential quarters. The project focuses on typological investigation, i.e. to link solar incidence and Central European climatic conditions as approach factors to the demands on contemporary housing typologies and urbanistic conditions. Hence, the integration of collector and storage technology and spatial and structural aspects of passive solar systems as well as the investigation of power grids and the material systems of building construction will play a crucial role in that respect. Developing models and basic typologies in order to systematically enhance “solar houses” within densified structures is an important step towards creating an effective, adaptable and pleasing architectural solution. As an active solar building, the “solar house” will thus be able to contribute significantly to sustainable building in densified urban areas

Project duration:

Project management:
Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz
Roger Riewe
Marcus Stevens

Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz

Sonnenhaus e.V.

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