Professur Integral Architecture SUMMACUMFEMMER 2020-2022

Anne Femmer, Florian Summa, Alexander Barina (ed.)
Graz: May 2023
German, 287 pages, bound
ISBN: 978-3-85125-934-6
ISBN: 978-3-85125-935-3 (E-Book)
EUR 25.00
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“WELTEN” is a catalogue-like collection of all student works that were created as part of the visiting professorship “SUMMACUMFEMMER – Integral Architecture” at TU Graz from 2020 to 2022. As different as the works are, they are related to each other through their ties to the existing, the tangible, the visible. The documentation provides an insight into around 60 works from the Bachelor’s and Master’s studios.