Zero Landscape. Unfolding Active Agencies of Landscape
Vienna: Springer, 2011
German/English, 353 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-7091-0536-8
EUR 19.95
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Guest editor: Klaus K. Loenhart

With increasing speed and intensity are the living spaces and habitats on our planet being occupied and transformed. GAM.07 therefore focuses on landscape and the environment as protagonists of this development, not merely as a passive backdrop: besides urban expansion, factors like climate change, the provision of food and natural resources, and an increasing need for renewable energy will all be seriously influencing the configuration of future societies. Zero Landscape directs attention to a development in which the landscape surrounding us itself becomes the cause and driving force of massive social transformation - the active agent of future evolutions.

Table of contents

With contributions by
Pierre Bélanger, Jane Bennett, Ila Berman, Raoul Bunschoten, Michel Desvigne, Ana Jeinić, Jeffrey Kastner, Nina Valerie Kolowratnik, Bernhard König, Byron Kuth, Klaus K. Loenhart, Timothy Morton, Philipp Oswalt, Martin Prominski, Philippe Rahm, Elisabeth Ranieri, Ronald Rietveld, Curtis Roth, Anne Sauvagnargues, Anne Schmidt, Lola Sheppard, Katrin Stoll, Pavan Sukhdev, Erik Swyngedouw, John Thackara, Charles Waldheim, Mason White, Slavoj Žižek

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