Urbanity not Energy
Vienna: Springer, 2009
German/English, 241 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-211-79203-2
EUR 19.95

Guest editor: Ernst Hubeli

Urban forms of living will be dominant around the world in the near future - at the same time, settlement growth is reaching its own ecological and economical limits. Densification scenarios can no longer revolve around mere reductions in settlement growth as they did at the beginning of the 1970s. The present is about scaling back, which also includes renaturisation. Its timing follows a pragmatic rule: The later it is realised, the more expensive it becomes. Doing nothing is the most expensive way to react to the challenges of settlement growth and the known consequences of climate change. It is against this background that GAM.05 - Urbanity not Energy investigates urban future scenarios with true sustainability. The contributions follow different intentions and approaches - pragmatic-practical proposals for densification of existing settlements are contrasted with visions in different scales - including the question of on which theoretical and political basis such expert discussions might ever become relevant.

Table of contents

With contributions by
Fred Baumgartner, Brian Cody, Angelus Eisinger, Christoph Hölzer, Ernst Hubeli, Tobias Hundt, Andreas Kleboth, Stefan Kurath, Carolin Lüke, Alex S. MacLean, Ute Margarete Meyer, Elisabeth Michel-Alder, Martin zur Nedden, Philipp Oswalt, Walter Ott, Günter Pfeifer, Jochem Schneider, Nico Stehr, Hans von Storch