Design Science in Architecture
Vienna: Springer, 2005
German/English, 237 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-211-23767-0
EUR 26.00/sFr. 44.50

Now that the first euphoria is gone regarding defining architecture almost exclusively via the effect of the object, it seems the time has come to introduce new possibilities for assessing architectural quality into the discussion. Categorising architecture has always been difficult, and it is all too understandable that we fled into the object and symbol characteristics the star system is largely based on. Should architecture be assigned to arts or to sciences even? The artist-architect as a manifestation of the star system has become obsolete. Is it now a scientifically based architecture that´s being pushed into the centre of the discourse? And if so, are we pursuing a scientific, humanist or cultural-scientific approach? Or are there any other approaches resulting from architecture itself?

Table of contents

With contributions by
John An, Hans-Jürgen Burkard, Brian Cody, Christian Gänshirt, Susanne Hauser, Christian Holl, Nico Kienzl, Ulrich Königs, Luc Merx, Bert de Muynck, Jörg Rainer Noennig, Bas Princen, Hendrik Schomburg, Adolf Max Vogt, Gernot Weckherlin, Brooke D. Wortham

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