Tourism and Landscape
Vienna: Springer, 2004
German/English, 224 pages, paperback
ISBN 3-211-20633-7
EUR 26.00/sFr. 44.50

The transformation of space, both physically in the form of buildings and complexes, and non-materially, i.e. in its social perception and utilization, is the core issue explored by GAM. The articles in GAM.01 - Tourism and Landscape cover a range of topics from the current problems of the Huaorani in the rainforests of South America to the plans for winter sports resorts in the French Alps, from the Fürst-Pückler-Land landscape park being built on industrial wastelands in the eastern part of Germany to the pseudo worlds of hotel complexes in Las Vegas. GAM, published by the Faculty of Architecture at Graz University of Technology, sees itself as a platform for an international architecture discourse.

Table of contents

With contributions by
George Baird, Regina Barth-Grössler, John Bass, Jordi Bernadó, Odile Decq, Theo Deutinger, Ana María Durán, Ursula Faix, Ragnar Kittel, Virginie Lefebvre, Walter Niedermayr, Dominique Perrault, Mónica Ponce de León, Gabriele Pütz, Bas Princen, Bernhard Tschofen, Margherita Spiluttini

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