Ziegel im Hochbau. Theorie und Praxis
Sonderband Baukonstruktionen
Anton Pech (ed.)/Hans Gangoly/Peter Holzer/Peter Maydl
Basel: Birkhäuser, 2015
German, 414 pages, hardcover
187 b/w and 150 color illustrations
ISBN 978-3-0356-0606-5
EUR 72.00

This special edition from the series Baukonstruktionen features the use of bricks as a material in building construction, with a particular focus on brick masonry.
Following a summary of architectural history, which details the most important historical brick structures from ancient times to the present day, the book offers a trove of information presented in a systematic structure: compact materials science, empirical formulas and fundamentals of structural physics and building physics, applicative use in the contexts of structural models or testing of building materials, elements, and of the structure itself.
Other chapters are devoted to masonry dimensioning or the execution and processing of walls, façades, ceilings, and roofing (with checklists for building inspection). A final chapter on sustainability touches on environmentally friendly production and lifecycles, offering examples related to building certification.
The book targets practitioners who are interested in a current overview in compact form.

Hans Gangoly has been professor for building theory since 2007 and conducts research at the Institute of Building Structure and Housing Construction Theory at Graz University of Technology.

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