“Sustainable living in high density structures in tropical and subtropical regions” is a project based on co-operation with Asian universities such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Seoul National University and Tongji University Shanghai. It provides a basis for further research projects in four areas of work of the Institute. This research project deals with four levels, i.e. macro, meso, micro and nano levels, in tropical and subtropical regions, focussing on “urban densification and public space”, “housing typologies” and “façade design structures”. Results of this research project include research studies such as “Modifications of existing residential high-rises to improve natural ventilation” which is also the subject of a seminar called “Structure & Façade” taught every semester. In its fifth year, the “Sustainable living in high density structures” project, which has been running since 2011, continues to be funded by Eurasia Pacific Uninet.

Project duration:
since 2011

Project management:
Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz
Roger Riewe
Ferdinand Oswald

EPU (Eurasia Pacific Uninet)
Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz

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