A review of the current situation and lengthy talks yielded a wide range of questions not only with respect to existing buildings, open space, traffic and parking zones, but also concerning possible downsizing and new-build intentions. The elaborated package of measures describes and illustrates the step-by-step upgrading of estate zones, reorganisation of circulation areas as well as redensification proposals. Rezoning of green spaces contributes to strengthening the identity of various different housing estate zones and increases the quality of their usability and appearance, partially by reducing street areas and specifically densifying open space structures. By simplifying the traffic system, spatial barriers are purposefully placed or removed, pedestrian networks are distinctly contoured, providing good visual axes within clearly defined open spaces. Additional effective measures such as the restoration of existing dwellings, adaptations to modern standards and newly built replacements will achieve a targeted redensification and increased spatial contouring, to-scale differentiation and clearly arranged layout of the entire complex.

Project duration:
2014 – 2015

Financing: Province of Stryia, Office of the Regional Government of Styria, Department 15, Energy, Housing and Technology

Project management:
Hans Gangoly, Andreas Lechner, Institute of Design and Building Typology, TU Graz

Project partnership:
GEMYSAG - Gemeinnützige Mürz Ybbs Siedlungsanlage

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